Thank you again to everyone who was able to join us for Thursday evening’s DEF NP/PA VideoSeries! Our focus was to discuss with physician thought leaders in the field of Dermatology who have returned to work and are like many of us, read the daily literature updates as we discover more about COVID-19!

We were thrilled to host Brad Glick, Program Director of Dermatology Residency at Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Florida, and the Director and PI of GSI Clinical Research. He’s also Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Miami, Florida. Dr. Glick is a returning faculty member to the DERM2020 NP/PA CME Conference in August, as well! We also hosted Dr. George Keough, a Knoxville-based dermatologist and also returning DERM2020 faculty member. We had a chance to speak to George at the end of April about the safety practices in his office that had opened up in Tennessee and we invited him back on tonight to discuss some of the recent COVID literature.

Watch our video recap [here or put the link somewhere appropriate] and view related references below for our discussion on the following subjects:

  • Case review linked to new and emerging cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19

View/Download Handout 1

  •  Findings of a new study addressing vascular compromise in COVID-19 patients

View/Download Handout 2

  • Data from a large University analysis of hydroxychloroquine use in critically ill COVID patients

View/Download Handout 3

  • Practical considerations for the chronic use of biologics in COVID-19 patients in light of the recent case series published from NYU showing that baseline use of biologics and JAK inhibitors among patients with immune-mediated diseases were not associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes

View/Download Handout 4

Some other discussion points to note:

  • What are the dermatologic manifestations of COVID-19?
    • Morbilliform Eruption
    • Urticaria
    • EM like eruptions
    • Varicella like eruptions
    • Livedo reticularis
    • Macular erythema (drug rxn-like)
    • Kawasaki’s-like manifestions
    • Dengue-like
    • Covid toes (digits) – perniosis, “chilblains like”

Our webinar was sponsored in part by UCB [can we insert their logo somewhere?]. UCB is inspired by patients, driven by science, and they are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for those living with and managing chronic conditions. UCB celebrates the Dermatology NP and PA community who share in their commitment to advancing the discussion, understanding, and treatment of immuno-dermatological conditions and they want to get to know you better. Like all of us here at the DEF, UCB is continually learning from and striving to partner and support the dermatology NP and PA community. If you want to learn more about UCB, visit their website at or email them at [email protected].

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