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The annual DEF Essential Resource Meeting offers up to 20 hours of CME and
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This regional CME live meeting series offers a unique opportunity to learn more about atopic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

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The DEF offers live meetings, conferences and bootcamps as well as online resources to educate and train in all aspects of care for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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Our mission is to improve dermatology patient outcomes through education and training designed for the practicing NP and PA.

Lilly #1AA 5/28/24 to 9/28/24

New Dermalorian podcast out now: ACING ACNE CARE: PATIENT-CENTERED APPROACHES streaming on all major podcast platforms! #DermalorianPodcast

Sunscreen isn’t just for beach days! 🌞 DEF Advisory Council member Alexa Hetzel, MS, PA-C emphasizes the importance of daily sunscreen use for every part of your body. From your scalp to your face and body, there’s a perfect sunscreen for everyone. Protect your skin every single day, not ...just during summer. #SkinCancerAwareness #Sunscreen #melanoma #SkinHealth #Dermatology #sunprotection

Who got an official DEF hat at the East Coast Biologic and Small Molecule CME Bootcamp? 🧢✋

Throwback to the themes of our past DERM conferences! 🌟 In 2022, we channeled the Force with our Star Wars theme and saw the rise of the Dermalorian. 🚀 Last year, we explored the mysterious Upside Down with Stranger Things. 👾 This summer, we're bringing the Marvel Universe to life! ...🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ Get ready for DERM2024! July 24-28 at the Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas!

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☀️ May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! 🔍⁠

What sunscreens do you recommend to your patients? Tell us in the comments! ⁠🌤️🧴⁠

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With a physician shortage in the US, expanding the scope of practice for NPs and PAs is crucial for patient safety, argues Dr. Nicole Wadsworth. This expansion has been beneficial in New York and should be more widely implemented. Michael Rubio highlights the role of dermatology NPs and PAs in ...closing the care gap, especially after Walmart Health's closure. Read more via the link in our bio.

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