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FEATURED VIDEO – Theresa Talens

The DEF is excited to feature this new video ‘How A NP/PA Can Help a Mohs Practice Grow: The Impact of a NP/PA Working with a Mohs Surgeon’ with Theresa Talens, DNP, FNP-C. Theresa is a surgical dermatology NP that specializes in Mohs closures and excisions.  Working with a Mohs surgeon has been, by far, one of the most rewarding professional experiences for her and she shares in this video how it has benefited the practice, the Mohs surgeon, and her! The hope is to bring awareness to this practice model and open doors for dermatology NPs/PAs to work more collaboratively together with the receptive Mohs surgeons who sees our potential!

If you’d like to learn more, check out Theresa’s private FB group Surgical Dermatology NP/PA Community.  It is a safe platform where dermatology NPs/PAs can connect with like-minded professionals and learn from one another. If you want to advance your surgical skills, become more productive, and ultimately provide your patients optimal outcomes with your technique, join the group so we can grow together!  

the role of the skin barrier and microbiome in atopic dermatitis - leon kircik

Dr. Kircik talks about the importance of the skin barrier in Atopic Dermatitis.

how to council your acne patients on isotretinoin - julie harper

Dr. Harper provides advice on how to council your acne patients on isotretinoin.

new pathologic findings in atopic dermatitis

Dr. Theodore Rosen talks about what’s new in pathologic findings related to atopic dermatitis about which dermatology health care professionals should be aware.

what's new in the acne pipeline

Dr. Hilary Baldwin discusses what new treatments are coming down the acne pipeline.

david cohen, 2017 allergen of the year

Dr. David Cohen shares with us the 2017 allergen of the year!

psoriasis update 3: challenges for the HCP

Psoriasis is a complex disorder with many aspects to consider when approaching treatment options. Dr. April Armstrong reviews some of the most important issues healthcare practitioners must keep in mind when working with their psoriasis patients.

psorasis update 2: choosing treatment

Dr. April Armstrong provides some suggestions for NPs and PAs to consider when choosing an appropriate treatment for psoriasis patients.

psoriasis update 1: the importance of pasi 100

Dr. April Armstrong reflects upon the shift in psoriasis treatment paradigm away from PASI 75 towards PASI 90 or PASI 100.

the skinny on acne and diet

Dr. Hilary Baldwin shares her top 2 takeaways from her talk on diet and acne.

takeaways for isotretinoin

Dr. Diane Thiboutot shares her top 2 takeaways following her presentation on Isotretinoin.

acnes pearls - thoughts on laboratory testing from dr. hilary baldwin

Dr. Baldwin shares her thoughts on studies regarding laboratory testing in acne patients.

aspects of ad that don't get enough attention

Dr. Ted Rosen reflects on two aspects of mental health that are often overlooked in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis.

clinical pearls for topical therapies in psoriasis by dr. linda stein gold

Dr. Stein Gold shares her top two clinical pearls related to topical therapies for psoriasis.

unmet needs in the diagnosis of skin cancer by dr. gilly munavalli

In this video, Dr. Munavalli highlights the top two challenges in diagnosing skin cancer.

dr. george keough on sports related dermatoses

Dr. Keough shares the two most important factors to consider when approaching sports related dermatoses.

dr. james del rosso - reducing antibiotic resistance in dermatology

Dr. Del Rosso shares suggestions on how dermatology clinicians can help reduce potential risks of antibiotic resistance.

julie harper - adult female acne

Dr. Julie Harper shares new developments in the treatment of acne in adult females.

dr ted rosen on std treatment

Dr. Ted Rosen reflects on issues in STD treatment from a dermatology perspective.

psoriasis data review and safety recommendations

In this joint presentation, Dr. Cohen reviews data for exisitng agents for psoriasis, while Dr. Kircik presents new biologics in psoriasis treatment.

David Cohen, MD, MPH, FAAD
Leon Kircik, MD, FAAD

dermapathology pearls: inflammatory dermatoses

In this lecture, Dr. Hure discusses key points of inflammatory dermatoses and advises practitioners on what to provide to pathologists.

Michelle Hure, MD, MS, FCAP

topical psoriasis treatments

Dr. Stein Gold reviews topical therapies for psoriasis and how to use them appropriately.

Presenter: Linda Stein Gold, MD, FAAD

takeaways for keloid therapy by dr. hilary baldwin

Dr. Baldwin provides some key messages for approaching keloid therapy.

rational integration of acne therapies

What should you consider when initiating acne therapy? Dr. Baldwin reviews rational tips to keep in mind when devising a treatment plan, such as acne pathophysiology, acute vs. chronic therapy, and antimicrobial resistance.


Hilary Baldwin, MD, FAAD

acne in adult women

Dr. Harper reviews acne medications that are used for female patients, including spironolactone and oral contraceptives.

Presenter: Julie Harper, MD, FAAD

prescription corticosteroids

This presentation reviews the history of topical corticosteroids and looks at how they are currently used in dermatology practice.


Leon Kircik, MD, FAAD

sound bite 1 improving your diagnostic skills simple office tests and methods of biopsy

This presentation covers diagnoses of onychomycosis, treatments for nail psoriasis, variations in the presentation of scabies, and methods of biopsy.

Boni Elewski, MD, FAAD
James Del Rosso, DO, FAOCD

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