The Dermatology Education Foundation (DEF), the leading non-profit foundation dedicated to dermatology education for nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants/associates (PAs), and ReachRx, the leader in AI power clinical decision support, where thousands of clinicians come to instantly access trusted clinical data, pharmaceutical resources, and treatment information, have announced a new collaboration intended to increase awareness of and access to each organization’s products and services.

As part of the collaboration, ReachRx will provide DEF subscribers with free access to its premium platform and connect ReachRx users to DEF educational events, practice and access-focused resources, and programs. The DEF educational library, including videos, meeting content, and other digital assets, will also be accessible on the ReachRx platform.

“We are extremely pleased to work with ReachRx to help deliver education to NPs, PAs, physicians, and other healthcare professionals at the point of care in the clinic setting,” said Joe Gorelick, MSN, FNP-C, DEF President. “From our inception, quality education has been our top priority, and we have remained on the leading edge of content delivery in unique ways to practicing dermatology NPs and PAs. The DEF has been building our database of practicing NPs and PAs across the country and aims to continue to provide tools for the practice and access resources to improve patient outcomes. Providing content via ReachRx is yet another way to do that, while at the same time expanding our reach and our own insights into the opportunities to fill practice gaps identified in combination with the ReachRx service.”

Both ReachRx and DEF recognize that access to precise and updated information is crucial for driving patient outcomes in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. ReachRx has been developed with cutting-edge technology to fill this need, focusing specifically on dermatological care. Meanwhile, DEF is dedicated to providing top-tier education and training resources to HCPs in dermatology from the leaders in the field.

“In today’s healthcare environment, there is so much information that clinicians need to stay on top of to ensure patients get the best treatment possible. It’s hard to keep track of. We wanted to ensure that PAs, NPs, and MDs can access this information as easily as possible,” says Jeff DeVico, Co-founder, and CEO of ReachRx.

“ReachRx is unique because we’ve built it hand-in-hand with PAs, NPs, and MDs/DOs, specifically in dermatology, to make sure that it creates as much value for them as possible,” adds Patrick DePippo, Co-founder, and CTO of ReachRx. “We look to meet specific needs of people in dermatology and combine that with a very modern engineering and product organization to make sure the product is as effective and easy to use as humanly possible.”

The collaboration launches June 3, at which point DEF subscribers will gain free access to ReachRx Pro for up to one year. To register, DEF subscribers can follow this dedicated link. Additional elements of the collaboration will roll out in the ensuing weeks.