Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to reveal a new avenue of clinically relevant information and education. Through a partnership with Dermatology Times magazine, we will bring you relevant content culled from the pages of each monthly issue. This month, we’ve packaged content related to the Zika virus along with insights in managing your pediatric patients. We all realize that the Zika virus is an emerging story. It has been prevalent in every news stream. As Dermatology NPs and PAs, our patients may start asking for our advice. This article and the related headlines below offer excellent guidance and will be a valuable resource as we begin to address those concerns. When it comes to managing our littlest patients, many of us see vascular lesions. Whether we treat them in our clinics or make a referral for evaluation, it’s important to know which specific lesions are potentially dangerous. The article on pediatric vascular lesions is a good starting point for building our knowledge.

In the realm of alternative and natural therapies, how often have you had patients or parents of patients ask you about home remedies or natural oils? How many of these patients have mentioned using these methods therapeutically? The article below on applying oils to newborn skin offers clinical data that will help you hold discussions with patients in both support of these methods or in debunking the internet knowledge your patients may walk in with.

We hope you find the first selection of articles valuable. Please offer your feedback so that we may continue to select the most timely and relevant information in an effort to support your practice knowledge and professional development.


Joe Gorelick, MSN, FNP-C

Dermatology Education Foundation Founder and Chairman