Dear Colleagues,

In our February Clinical Considerations, we take a look at treatment options for a few common skin disorders.

Most cases of Rosacea respond very well to existing topical and oral agents. Newer topical agents are on the horizon to help improve outcomes in patients with rosacea. In addition some cases require us to think outside the box and use existing agents in non-traditional fashions. In this article, Julie C. Harper, M.D describes best practices to optimize outcomes for patients with Rosacea.

What is your protocol for the treatment of Keloid scars? In general, intralesional Kenalog injections are the first line therapy for keloids yet what options do we have for unresponsive lesions? This article provides treatment options for us to consider, for difficult cases, which may allow us to improve treatment outcomes in these difficult scenarios.

And for atopic dermatitis, Eucrisa is here! The novel PDE-4 inhibitor presents a new, safe and effective, agent in our therapeutic armamentarium for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis. This non-steroidal topical ointment offers us a new option to incorporate into regimens for patients with atopic dermatitis. Where will you use it in your practices?


Joe Gorelick, MSN, FNP-C, Dermatology Education Foundation Founder and Chairman